Nanostructures fabrication and fragmentation technologies:

  • Cleanrooms ISO 6 (1000) and ISO 7 (10 000).
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy A3B5 SVTA
  • Ion beam etching Oxford IonFab 300
  • Nanoimprint lithography AR-NLS-100
  • Van-der-Pau method Ecopia HMS-3000
  • Laser beam lithography Heidelberg MuePG-101
  • Focused Ion Beam and Scanning Electron Microscopy Zeiss Crossbeam 1540XB
  • Scanning Probe Microscope NT-MDT Integra Maximus


Optical characterization of photonics and photon spintronics nanostructures:

  • Femtosecond laser Spectra Physics Mai Tai HP
  • CW tunable Ti:Sapphire laser TekhnoScan TD-Scan
  • CW tunable lasers Sacher Lasertechnik Lynx TEC-120
  • Closed cycle optical cryostat with 7 T superconductive magnet Cryogenic CFM-7TS-H2-CFVTI-25-0
  • Low-vibration closed cycle optical cryostat Montana Cryostation
  • Cryostates Cryomech ST15 и Janis CCS-150
  • Streak-camera Hamamatsu С5680-24
  • Spectroanalyser Tektronix RSA5103A


Synthesis of Photoactive materials and functional coatings:

  • Programmable Spin Coater KW-4А, CHEMAT TECHNOLOGY INC.,
  • Microwave reactor Monowave 300, Anton Paar
  • Laboratory ovens with temperature control up to 1200 C
  • High pressure reactors for hydrothermal synthesis


Testing of photoactive materials and functional coatings:

  • Potentiostat/Galvanostat Reference 600, Gamray
  • Dymaxion Benchtop mass spectrometer, AMETEK Process Instrument
  • Gas chromatograph 8610C SRI
  • Liquid Chromatograph 1260, Agilent
  • Scanning Kelvin Probe System SKP5050, KP Technology
  • Optical tensiometer Theta, BIOLIN, Intern.Co
  • Optical tensiometer Theta Lite, BIOLIN, Intern.Co


Stand for spectroscopic testing of photoactive materials:

  • Mobile Vacuum System TPS-mobile with gas-analyzer QMS-200, Stanford Research Instruments
  • Spectrofluorimeter Cary Eclipse, Varian-Agilent
  • Spectrophotometer UV-Vis-NIR Varian 5000, Varian-Agilent